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Hi there! My name is Jordyn, and welcome to my site! If you want to know more about me, I can tell you that I’m a hungry reporter (literally and figuratively) constantly looking for the next best story. I am currently covering Lake Country suburbs for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. 

To find my latest work please visit:

On this site, you can find my college work.

When I’m not at work satisfying my hunger for curiosity in the community around me, I am satisfying my hunger for food with new recipes or restaurants in the Milwaukee area. I also can be found at dance classes in Milwaukee during the winter and running outside during the summer. My goals for 2019 are to continue to grow in communications fields and get a dog!

Please connect with me on Twitter @JordynTNoennig, slide into my Instagram DM’s at @JordynTaylor_N or go old school and email me at jtnoennig@gmail.com.

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