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Deutsche Presse‑Agentur (DPA) is an international newswire based in Berlin, Germany. It is the worlds 4th largest international newswire.

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Covering 2015 Supreme Court reactions
DPA- On steps of US Supreme Court support for health care ruling is strong
DPA- Tears of joy sadness at court following gay marriage decision
DPA- Dissenters condemn US gay marriage ruling as a disgrace
DPA- Hundreds cheer sing crowd onto Supreme Court steps
DPA- Rival US Supreme Court justices battle in court Now, the opera

Features/ long form
DPA- Cuban embassy flag-raising draws Castro opponents, supporters
DPA- Low pay for US workers spawns push for raise and objectors

Politician coverage
DPA- US President Obama Give more salaried workers overtime protections
DPA- Republican presidential candidate Walker led campaign against unions

Breaking news
DPA- Texas cop resigns after outcry over pool party video
DPA- Death toll rises to six in California balcony collapse
DPA- Survey shows support for US actions against Islamic State
DPA- Colorado court rules employees can be fired for medical marijuana use
DPA- Report New details show Bill Cosby manipulated, paid women
DPA- Heroin-related deaths doubled in two years, US study shows
DPA- Washington Post files UN petition for release of Iran-held reporter

Business/ financial news
DPA- Fitbit fitness tracker looks to stock market as legal problem looms
DPA- Fitbit raising share cost
DPA- Fitbit shares jump 52 per cent in stock market debut
DPA- GE to sell banking division
DPA- AOL to take over Microsoft display advertising business
DPA- Volkswagen Spanish firm expand US SUV protection

Other stories
DPA- German ambassador receives US award for global education
DPA- North Carolina FBI investigates fire at predominantly black church
DPA- Saturn spacecraft to pass by icy moon Dione
DPA- Shark attacks off US east coast injure two children
DPA- Texas evades worst from tropical storm
DPA- Tropical storm hits Texas coast
DPA- Ant-Man, Pixels neck-and-neck for top spot at box office
DPA- White House allows indoor tour photography for first time in decades



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